Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For Lazy Readers- From a Lazy Writer with an Overworked Mind/Conscience

For those of you who don't know me well enough yet: You will come to find yourselves very disappointed with me as a person at the end of my blogs.

This is not so much a disclaimer as it is an observation and perhaps even an experiment.

The reason I say this is because I have started this new blog and turns out as eager as I am to write in it I'm not sure that I will ever be able to finish a good blog. I call it a perhaps experiment because maybe I could tie myself down to writing in this as I used to in high school. But this time it will be about things that are relevant to the advancement of myself and maybe even the advancement of mankind.

With that said, have patience.

I'm not that insecure that it will be an interesting blog. I am more unsure that I won't make enough time for it and make it a priority. Yet, I should. Writing is my life. I write in my head all day and never follow through by putting it in ink or paper. Why? Lazinezz? Feelings of inadequacy? Both of the above.

After all, all writers have that discouraging voice in their head- however taciturn or maddening.

All writers are schizophrenic but have to learn to listen to the right voice, the voice that brings all the voices to order, the Caesar voice, the one that will rule and tweak all that is wrong with those voices yelling at once. However, it still needs to keep the virtues of those voices and make you write...

the empire that is your mind.


  1. You know, the amount of time you spend on Facebook clearly shows that you are on your computer often. If you could just focus your attention towards writing your thoughts and ideas on here, you will get a form of satisfaction you don't often get. There's nothing better than saying "Today I was productive." So get off that Farmville, Sorority Life and GET TO WORK!!!

    You have an amazing gift...but it doesn't help when it's in your mind and no one can see it.

    Now, how's that for support huh?!

  2. it's a bit of a kick in the ass but i know you're right. thanks though. the thing about FB is that it's mostly mindless. and with all this heavy schoolwork i find it impossible to think so intricately and clearly and make it sound good often. well, i'll give it a shot...

    by the way, classes i'm taking are:

    news reporting- not so hard actually but a very diff kind of writing

    the pursuits of english- i took this class once before and withdrew b/c i couldnt stand my professor anyway its a required english major course and it focuses on literary theory

    shakespeare: tragedies and romances- my professors idea of fun is telling us about what shes written about and not only is she very pompous but very smart and since shes been teaching this for years she often doesnt remember what she covered which means we have to take w/e she does teach us and put it all together. also a lot of reading. and shes very critical.

    senior seminar of jane austen works- a lot of reading but enjoyable overall. prof. expects a lot from us as far as original thought esp. in our writing.

    only 4 but this is my hardest semester yet b/c of the condensation in writing/reading