Monday, May 3, 2010


HaZelGrEenXoXo 1:06 am
(1:06:35 AM): i wish i was in 3rd grade again

the toughest thing i had to deal with is learning english and fitting into american culture in a predominantly latino neighborhood

(1:07:35 AM): i didnt want to rebel against school i was a dumb kid and loved it

1:07 am
(1:07:51 AM): where were u born
HaZelGrEenXoXo 1:08 am
(1:08:41 AM): brooklyn...born a premie when my mom was on a business trip...we moved back to ecuador when i was like 6 months, healthy enough to fly

(1:08:51 AM): lived there til i was 7

(1:08:56 AM): did 2nd grade summer school

(1:09:14 AM): and went right to 3rd grade
Forar1269 1:10 am
(1:10:03 AM): would u rather be there now

(1:10:04 AM): or here
HaZelGrEenXoXo 1:10 am
(1:10:55 AM): u kno...i'm thinking there mainly cos as an american the grass is always greener somewhere else but then i was thinking about how i'd rather not have grown up with these ideals of perpertual self-importance

(1:10:59 AM): ideas*

(1:11:57 AM): the very reason i dont wanna do HW right now and am procrastinating is b/c my mom never taught me how to be disciplines and the US school public school system barely tries to instill that either
HaZelGrEenXoXo 1:12 am
(1:12:20 AM): i kno if i had grown up w/ my father (my mom separated us from him) i'd be a better person

(1:12:42 AM): he's an architect and a professor and he understood me my mother didnt and still doesnt

(1:12:54 AM): but then again understanding a 7- year old isnt too hard

(1:13:07 AM): my mother just never tried