Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-Midterm Elections Youth

It seems the trend of this midterm election for the youth is more about not voting and not knowing, and not caring.
If anyone from my demographic group (I mean 18-20-something year olds) does vote, they'll only do it to support the ideas of their voting elders or simply to enact their rights as citizens, choosing the candidates of the political parties they usually side with.
But by and large, most of my school peers don't really even understand the concept of the midterm elections. To them it seems a random event that won't really impact them. Also, it's somewhat uncool.
To vote for town elections is a “townie” thing, which means you spend most of your energy being a busy body of your town, volunteering at elections and going to PTA meetings.
To vote for state elections is also seen as a waste of time but it seems to hold this stigma about it: Old people, who are usually more informed politically and the intellectual and politically activate but younger residents vote in these.
People my age seem to not realize that they will be affected as far as the elections go. And this will not become evident until something changes and by then it's usually too late.
I think a lot of the youth is overwhelmed with issues dealing way back, before the internet, to the Nixon administration. This idea of too much knowledge is holding our power to assess information about people, to really listen to what they're saying and not saying and how they're saying it. We want to exchange facts for entertainment, with the most important facts. This misinformed mass is not exactly doing America a disservice in not voting.
I prefer that my peers vote for no one, be misrepresented, than be represented by someone who looks nice or has better ads, etc.
Although I am somewhat convinced that the youth voted for Obama in 2008 on two accounts:
1- a very shallow reason, to vote for the first African American president;
2- because they remembered how much Bush messed up their lives and wanted change, killing their brothers and sisters in the military, letting America's value and reputation go to shit in the international eyes, even down to the very elementary level with No Child Left Behind. And resistance from the right was stronger than ever seeing that the Left was succeeding for once, having a strong candidate who motivates even the Right to change for the better.
But coming back to this 2010 election. "Small-time" (I say this as a comparison for the presidential election) politics seem to be more about who has a more clean record, and literally who is less crazy.
Can we really make a choice based on these advertisements, whether it takes a positive stance on a candidate or whether it borderline slanders opposing candidates, it's all relative, it's all subjective. It seems more about the personalities than the issues. The youth is not interested.
They seem to think Obama or any president has all the power. So, why should they vote? Why should they care?

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